CEPC LLC has proven the superiority of the Corner Fusion Welding Technology for both batch and continuous Process Equipment. Utilizing the Corner Fusion Welding Technology and having the capability to butt fusion weld 16′-0″ seams, CEPC LLC’s products eliminate many lower strength hand applied body seams

A 6 bead extrusion weld, two 10 bead extrusion welds and 10 bead extrusion weld flat passes gives the outside weld joint unmatched integrity and strength.
This cutaway section reveals the weld profiles (in black) joining the wall sections.
A single hand bead is welded first to ensure a watertight weld, and then a 6 bead extrusion weld is applied. A solid 1.5″ x 1.5″ Reinforcing Doubler (in grey) is fitted over the previous weld and the above process repeated DOUBLING the weld strength and adding rigidity.

This cutaway section reveals the CORNER FUSION weld with a backup extrusion weld (in black). Corner Fusion welding is far superior to any other method. The process is automated and computer controlled. Entire tank body sections are homogenously fusion welded on CEPC LLC’s exclusive machine. The corners are FAR STRONGER then bending or forming and with the extrusion weld backup become stronger then the parent material. The weld surface is 140% the parent material thickness. CEPC LLC is the only supplier to give this strength and innovation.